Pool Opening and Closing

Pool opening and closing can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Mistakes can put your pools and equipment at risk of major issues in the future.

Use your precious time and energy for something else more important. Let us take the pressure away

When it’s time to open and close your pool count on the experts at Royal Pool Service to do the job right.

Pool Opening/Summerization

We charge an additional $75.00 for every additional equipment your pool has below:

Deck Jets

Booster Pump

SPA Set-up

Caretaker Set-up

Cable System


Water Bag Cover

Repairs and Extra Labor are Billed for $75.00 per hour

Examples of extra labor are waste vacuuming, removal of leaves or water from pool/cover, and unexpected labor for repairs not already outlined in the contract. (All work will be discussed with the customer prior to performing the additional service)

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Pool Closing/Winterization Service

Avoid a $75

Second Trip Fee

If a return trip is required for any of the issues below, a second trip charge of $75.00 will apply


Water Level

In order to start the filtration system, raise water level 3 inches below the top of the tile. For the water level to be accurate, the cover must not have water on it.


Please have natural gas or propane turned. (Propane tanks must be filled)


Equipment area must be turned on in order for the technician to power up the equipment


Must have access to yard, equipment, and pool accessories