New Jersey is home to many reputable pool service companies that cater to the diverse needs of pool owners. If you’re looking for top-tier pool maintenance, repairs, or construction, these five companies are worth considering.

1. Royal Pools NJ

Overview: Royal Pools NJ has been serving the New Jersey area for over a decade, offering a wide range of pool maintenance and repair services. They are known for their reliable and efficient service, making them a top choice among local pool owners. Royal Pools have the equipment, the manpower, the expertise, and the right certifications and requirements.

Services Offered: Royal Pools NJ offers a variety of services. Such as pool summerization and winterization, a weekly summer valet service, maintenance and repairs, services for commercial properties, leak detection services, drain and clean services, pool construction, and even snow removal.

Customer Reviews: Customers praise Royal Pools for their professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. Many clients appreciate their prompt response to inquiries and their thorough approach to pool maintenance. They see Royal Pools as not just a cleaning service company but as an overall solution to their swimming pool needs.

2. Blue Dream Pool

Overview: Blue Dream Pool is another family-owned leading pool service company in New Jersey, known for its exceptional pool maintenance and repair services. With a team of experienced technicians, they ensure that your pool is always in top condition.

Services Offered: Blue Dream Pool offers pool cleaning, pool renovations, pool tiling, and masonry services. They also provide pool plaster finish and pool electric services.

Customer Reviews: Customers rave about Blue Dream’s knowledgeable technicians and their ability to renovate pools. Many clients appreciate their personalized service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

3. Pugliese Pool Services

Overview: Pugliese Pool Services has been serving the New Jersey area for several years, offering comprehensive pool maintenance and repair solutions. They are known for their reliability and commitment to quality service.

Services Offered: Pugliese Pool Services provides pool maintenance, pool repairs, and pool renovations. They also offer different pool installations to ensure your pool is ready for the season.

Customer Reviews: Customers commend Pugliese Pool Services for their professionalism and expertise. Many clients appreciate their affordable pricing and transparent communication throughout the service process.

4. Bi-State Pools

Overview: Bi-State Pools is a reputable pool service company that serves parts of New York and New Jersey. Jim Cooke, the president, prides Bi-State Pools as a local pool service company that its customers can depend on.

Services Offered: Bi-State Pools offers pool opening and closing services. They also offer some maintenance and pool equipment installation services.

Customer Reviews: Customers praise Bi-State Pools for being a dependable pool company. Many clients are impressed by their ability to do a job well done.

5. EJ’s Pools & Spa’s

Overview: EJ’s Pools & Spa’s is a pool company that has been in service for more than a decade in New Jersey.

Services Offered: EJ’s Pools & Spa’s offers a wide range of pool services, including maintenance, repair, and renovation. They also provide pool cleaning services to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Customer Reviews: Customers appreciate EJ’s Pools & Spa’s for their pool service. They have several good reviews on their Yelp page and are deemed as an affordable and reliable pool service company.