Commercial Services

Our Commercial Services for Swimming Pool are here to meet the unique needs of businesses in New Jersey. Whether you’re managing a hotel, community center, or water park, our expert team is here to ensure your pool is always in top condition.

From regular maintenance and repairs to safety inspections and equipment installations, we provide comprehensive services to keep your pool safe, clean, and inviting for your guests. 

Focus on your Business,

Let us take care of your Pool

Whether it’s a school swimming pool, a hotel or resorts public pool, or even an olympic-size swimming pool — Royal Pool Service can do the job!


Royal Pools New Jersey has more than a decade of experience in commercial pools maintenance. We make sure that everything is running smoothly within schedule.

  • IRegular Maintenance
  • IRepairs
  • IEquipment Installation
  • ISafety Inspections
  • IChemical Delivery
  • IEmergency Services
  • IRenovations and Upgrades
  • IOpening and Closing
  • IWater Feature Maintenance
  • IConsulting Services

Chemical Packages

We offer a special price for commercial businesses

Whether you’re looking to switch to a saltwater pool or need to maintain your existing pool, our packages make it easy to keep your pool clean, balanced, and safe for swimming. With our high-quality products and expert guidance, you can enjoy a hassle-free pool experience all season long.

Our salt and other chemical packages are customized for every pool size when you order a service online.

If you need bulk quantities please contact us.